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Green Smiling Forest Gnome
Black Hyperion

Green Smiling Forest Gnome

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• JJ'S HOLIDAY GIFTS is excited about the 11.5'' Green Fabric Smiling Forest Gnome with Walking Stick which is an excellent addition to anyone's Christmas Décor Collection. A great gift or decoration for your little girl, boy, kids parents, grandma, grandpa, mother, wife or any of your church friends! Whether you are christian, catholic or athiest, these christmas gift idea is fantastic addition to your window display, living room shelfs, mantel decor, or on top of your table! Whether you are looking for antique or mondern styles, you can now find beautiful and unique Holiday Folklore here instead of your local garden center, home hardware building centers or gift shops!
• CHRISTMAS GNOMES: These xmas gnomes are excellet christmas decorations for your christmas tree, mantel, or anywhere around your house. These cute christmas knomes have awesome patterns that mimic swedish and scandaavian gnomes. Perfect for your tree, crochet ideas or DIY ideas.
• UNIQUE DESIGN: Handcrafted product that has its own UNIQUE DESIGN embedded into the creation
• MULTIPLE USES: An excellent edition to your Holiday Decor Collection, whether it be featured on your Table or Mantleplace
• TRADITIONAL HANDICRAFT: This product is handmade and carefully constructed to come an amazing decor piece for your holiday collection
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